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From the my very first pregnancy 24 years ago to now, I can’t even believe all the decisions that we have had to make! Have you ever just sat down and thought about that for a minute? It all starts with one simple question, “Are we or aren’t we ready to have a baby”? Well doesn’t matter when you are ready. Sometimes things may just happen when you least expect it, at least that has happened to us many of times.
Whether you carry your child yourself or even adoption, we become parents no matter what way our family is born. We all still have to make some major decisions as parents and boy some of it is insane!
From the moment you become a parent the questions start to flood in and sometimes they can be quite scary. One way that I describe children is that I call them “borrowed blessings”. Sounds crazy but seriously, children are God’s children and we are just borrowing them to raise the best way possible and teach them character traits to become the adults that we hope and pray for each and everyday. Now I do understand that when they grow they are the ones to make their decisions on their own but as a parent it is so vital that we are open, honest, responsible, loving, and just down right real with our kids. We have one chance to try and raise up some amazing humans! What seems like an eternity for them to become adults is over before we know it. Sometimes I would love to turn back time. Does anyone know where they are hiding that reset button??
So anyway we all start with a name. A name is a BIG deal! We try to pick a name that might mean something or have some sort of significance. Maybe we pick it just because we love it. Then comes that pile of questions….. “will we breast or formula feed, will we vaccinate or not, will my son have a circumsion, what doctor will I choose, what car seat will we pick (because they seriously make it so difficult with all the choices). Choices and the selections they have out now compare to 24 years ago is crazy! They never had “pink” car seats or baby furniture. So if you had a girl you were getting probably a blue car seat.
Well that’s just a shortened “baby list”. What about when they start to get older? Oh geez! I am going to spare you the drama on that. But it’s just so fascinating to really just go over all the decisions that were once your decisions and now I have adult children making their own decisions. Thank God I still have little ones to keep me occupied!
Being a Mom has been one of the most rewarding jobs for me. Oh and yes I have had many of shares of tears and felt like a failure many times over and over again, but I just pick up my big girl pants and remind myself that this job can be tough, but this is a job that no one can replace.
Not every decision we make will be the right decision or the best decision but as a parent we all have to do what is right for our family. Don’t base your decision on someone else’s family life. Do what you feel is best for you. Definitely take advice from other, believe me, I still do! We all need encouragement to get us through sometimes. But never for once think that you have fallen short on your day.
Have you ever had that moment when you tell the kids that you will do something and then it just doesn’t happen? Tell me how you feel when that happens. I know I have done that and then that night I will feel like I just had an epic parent fail. Sometimes we can get wrapped up in housework, or just simple silly things that we have forgotten that our children really need us to interact, listen, and just simply be there. Years ago someone once told me that you shouldn’t worry about the house mess unless someone is coming to visit, you should spend time with your children because in a blink of an eye they will be grown. I can honestly say.. that is so true! I can’t even get over the fact that I am a Grandmother now! I sit and wonder how that time and where that time went. When someone figures out how to freeze time let me know will ya?
So, I guess when you look at the big picture of making decisions for everything in life, you should be trying to make the BEST ones possible. Do your research with everything. Just because you read it somewhere doesn’t mean it’s the best decision for your family. I pray that God will guide us all in our decisions. It’s a hard thing and we could really use some guidance with this one.
As our children grow and we see them making decisions for themselves:
1. Never think that your children are too old to hear you say you love them
2. Never think that just because they are getting older they don’t need you because they do ( as a matter of fact, probably more then you think)
3. Now that they are older they will probably become your best friends (hopefully) Oh DO NOT try to be their best friend when they are younger! That just doesn’t work out very well! You are their parent before that time strictly!
4. Know that even if you have a parent fail, your children will still love you <3
So I know that some of you are just starting out on your parenting journeys or are still waiting or you could be like me and still going through it or maybe your children are grown, but one thing we all have in common is we are all still learning. Everyday is an adventure and one worth talking about.
Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

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