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So this post is something a little bit different.

I wanted to write about my hobbies and why I have them. So most know me as the Mom of many children right? Well, I also like to have some me time. I believe everyone should have hobbies and one that everyone knows is that I love to write.

I have such a better way of expressing myself through writing and getting my thoughts out of my mind so much better then talking. It’s been such a way of almost therapy for me. I think of something and then I just go with it.

To say that I am back is kind of not really where my mind is. We’ve been through a heck of a lot in the past 6 years to say the least. So many people have said that I need to be vulnerable and get back out there. I have to say unless you’re in someone else’s shoes, it’s so much easier said then done. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would find my Prince Charming at the innocent age of just 16, fall in love, get married and have this huge crew to love. Ya somedays are completely tough but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Life seems pretty on the outside sometimes but inside it can be pretty crushed. Social media has a funny way of making feel like we can only put good things out there, but people need to know the bad so that they can relate alongside of you.

With our oldest son just passing away in August, there were so many promises that I had made to him before that I will hold true to. I just feel like if I sit around in self pity then I will just wither away like a flower that hasn’t had water. I need just that one little piece of me to get back to where I was. I know that I will and my family will never be the same again but for Hayden I will do what he knew me for. He always said my husband and I were his biggest inspirations so how can I let him down?

So here I am writing again, decorating again, taking photos again and trying so hard to be the Mom and wife that I have been instructed to be. Missing him like crazy is just an understatement but our new reality that we have to face.

So…. next on the agenda is to start our family VLOG!!!

Stay tuned for some things coming……

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