Nothing Is Permanent

As the clock ticks and the ocean waves come there’s so much that goes on in the world. Time is of the essence and after a while it doesn’t even matter what time of day it really is or what month we are in. Good things and bad things and so many things that you may not even be aware of.

You will never understand what someone is going through. We all have a unique story and our story is our special path that God has chosen for us to be on.

The person sitting next to you in the doctor’s office waiting for results or the person that is in front of you at the market, the little boy at the park with his mother or the teenager that is listening to her music so loudly and you thinking that it just may be rude. The older gentleman that gets so angry that you are going the wrong way in the grocery store aisle or the gentleman that is just asking for your opinion in the store about what furniture to choose. The mother crying sitting on a park bench or the Dad sitting in his car all alone.

No matter who you run into in life everyone has a story to be told. You can’t get mad at the person in the doctor’s office for being called in before you because maybe the are waiting for a test to say whether they have a certain time to live.

You can’t be angry for the bitter old lady at the market that is miserable because maybe she just lost someone very close to her.

You shouldn’t be mad at the little boy at the park with his mother that just said something so vulgar because maybe he doesn’t know any better then what he has been taught or maybe that mother needs to just get out of her home because her son has a disability and has no one that really supports her.

You can’t get mad at the teenage girl that has her music so loud. Maybe that’s just her coping mechanism because she lives with parents who are alcoholics or drug addicts.

Don’t be mad at the older gentleman that has gotten so ticked off that you went down the wrong aisle at the grocery store. After all this is how we are being programmed to live now a days.

The gentleman at the store asking for your opinion. Well he’s just lonely because he just lost his wife and wants to stay occupied and still make his home feel somewhat “home”.

Oh and the mother crying on a park bench who might not know how she is going to feed her children dinner after school because she just lost her job.

The dad sitting in his car alone. Don’t assume he is up to no good. Maybe he is battling depression. Something so deep that he just doesn’t know how to escape from.

You see all these examples are examples of things that are just temporary. Whether it’s a feeling or something that may happen.

Somethings we have control of much more then others but somethings are out of our control. In a crazy world like the one we live in we should be kind and be asking if someone needs us. We have all been just getting further and further away from who we once were. Caring and compassionate humans.

We help other countries but why are we not helping people right in front of our faces? Why do we have to be so cruel.

Unfortunately I have learned through the years that nothing is permanent and can be taken away in the matter of a moment.

Unless you are living the life of others you have no idea what someone may be going through.

Be kind and compassionate. Half of these stories I have actually encountered. And after losing our oldest son just 2 months ago… I try to have such a heart for others.

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