It’s all from the inside

Hey everyone! I know that you’re probably wondering what is this title to this blog post all about right? Well, I wanted to get out there what I have been really thinking about and hearing about what others have been chatting with me about. So ….here goes. Ok.. have you ever wondered why people just can’t take credit for their own actions? What about others just constantly blaming others for something that clearly was their fault but they just don’t want to admit it? Why is it so hard for people to fess up and just take what is theirs? Geez!!Anyway have you ever been in the passenger side of a vehicle and the person that is driving is clearly not paying attention and being so distracted about what is around them? Then you say or maybe even yell at them and they start to blame the other person in front of them for stopping short and they have to put the brakes to the floor. What about when you can’t find something in the house and nobody wants to or remembers where they put it, so they have to blame someone. (ya, happens in our house all the time)! Oh this is a good one.. who has a Mr. Nobody who lives at your house? Oh.. we most certainly do! Never knew I had an extra kid in the house, not that I would probably notice anyway..LOL! Well, I am gonna get real for a moment here. Lately in our house things can be a little crazy (ok…maybe a lot of the time) but I realize if one little stumbling block gets in the way everything seems to go insane! We all experience something some time in our lives whether it’s something big or something that is just a little bit annoying right? We all go through things in life that we don’t think belong in “our story”. Some may experience something like a financial struggle and you don’t know how to overcome it. Maybe you’ve experienced something within your family that you just are not sure how to deal with it. Maybe you feel like you are just not the person, wife, mother, or friend that you want to be. Listen up… we all have flaws for sure and if we didn’t, then life would be a little less interesting. I know for me sometimes when I think I have had a bad day because the kids are misbehaving or just things aren’t going my way you just want to throw your hands up and walk away from it all.

It’s not that easy. You see this life that is yours you are creating. All the good things and all the bad decisions that have got the best of us stays with us for a while. Sometimes life just seems a little unfair but when life is tough there is a reason and we can look back and realize that annoying and daunting thing molds us into the person we are.

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