Holy cow!! Where does the time possibly go? Within the blink of an eye it seems as though not only do the days pass by so quickly but so do the weeks and years. I mean how are my oldest three in their 20’s and starting lives of their own and I even have an adorable grandson! Although, I guess you can say that we have been rather busy and even expecting our 14th baby.
When looking at pictures it feels like it was just yesterday right? It’s almost like someone waved a magic wand and voila… time has past. These moments in each stage of life have been so precious to remember and reminise about.
You know everyone dreams of the “perfect” life with the 2 1/2 kids and the dog and the white picket fence, but for us it was a far cry from that. I am what I like to call myself as the choas coordinator (sounds like a good title right)? Life has always been interesting for sure for our ever so growing tribe, but you know what?… I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I believe that God choose us to be the parents to such a large growing family because believe me I know lots that couldn’t even do it. Although I have to say…. somedays are not always what I expect. It’s the time that gets me. I think I have a good plan for the day and everything just falls apart, I have lessons planned and they don’t get done, I have a list to complete that never gets completed, I have laundry piled high but don’t have the energy to do it, I have dishes to do but honestly don’t feel like doing them. I think you get my point right? So many people think that just because you have a large family you have it all together, you’re house is always tidy, and you are just some organizing queen. Well… let me just tell you a little secret. Shhhhhh…. That’s NOT how it is. Somedays I just want to watch my kids play or listen to them talk or argue in most cases. I am breaking up little pity arguments or a battle of someone trying to save the day. Maybe getting that 15th drink of the day or maybe listening to whining about needing another snack when they just had lunch 20 minutes ago.
I am telling you all this because my day is probably just alot similiar to yours except with just a bigger bunch. So this is where time comes in. Don’t forget I am a homeschooling Mom to many and that is another thing that somedays it’s hard yes, but with everything that is going on in the world today I think we have made the best choice for my family. Maybe it’s not a good choice for your’s but that’s ok too. Just saying I spend most of my day teaching them not only academics but everyday life skills. I run a very successful health and wellness business which is one of the main reasons I can get through my day and have energy. My husband and I have recently started an amazing rustic sign business which has been such a blessing.
People will tell me that I have alot on my plate (like I didn’t already know that)! But you know what as a wife and mother we have to have our own little niche too. Don’t you agree?
My children bring me joy, show me life in a whole different way, and you know what we learn together and I love that!
Yes, by the end of the day when I am trying to just figure out dinner and do baths and make sure everyone is sent off to bed with stories and a kiss and I am so exhausted, I almost feel guilty. Why is that? Because… there is never enough time in a day!