Even Wonderwoman fails sometimes

Ok ok.. so we all would love to think of ourselves as superwoman right? Not a care in the world and everything always has the best ending. Well… let’s talk about this. Have you ever seen the show or better yet the movie now of Wonderwoman? She always just looks perfect with her makeup and her hair, her cute little outfit, flying in the sky, fighting battles and always being the superhero in the end.
Yeah that would be great to be her wouldn’t it?
People will always make the comment to me and say “you are such a Wonder woman”. I have the response of “no, I am just a Mom”! I think that many assume that just because I have so many children that I have it all together. Truth is yes, most days I shower and put on my makeup and try to put myself together but there are days where I just can’t get around to it, and I am ok with that. God doesn’t really care what the outside looks like as much as what you are on the inside right? Although I always feel that it helps to look presentable for my husband.
I love being all put together when my husband walks through the door and making sure that the house is tidy, but that’s just me. We are always doing a quick 10 minute clean up before my husband walks through the door just because he has worked all day and coming home to a tidy house is the least that we can do.
There’s days where I have such a good plan ahead of me with my kids homeschool. I had crafts and I might have plans to learn about something big and then there’s even been times where I would know Easter or Christmas was coming up and all my awesome plans failed.
Oh what about the chores? Oh the dreaded chores…..sweeping the floor a million times because the kids just don’t know how to just sit inside of doing a dance at the table or flinging food on the floor that they don’t even think anyone is watching. And what about the toothpaste that the kids think is mint smelling paint and is smeared all over the sink and counters. This really happens in my house very often!
So often I have a plan for the day…usually a good one too. But all it takes is one thing to make a dent in the day. Do you ever feel like that? For example, we could be having the best day and then bang..something happens. Whether it may be the kids arguing over a simple toy, someone throwing a complete fit, or someone getting hurt after you have told them about a million times over and over again why they shouldn’t be running in the house or jumping on the bed (and yes, I did read No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed many times).
Oh what about trying to stay organized and on top of it all? The grocery shopping, the dreaded laundry (lots in our home), the cleaning? Oh wait…what about dinner?? What are we having for dinner?
These are the things that require a list!! I need to put everything in a list otherwise I will forget.
So somedays it is just a breeze and I forget that I have so many kids. Then I have other days and I begin to think of every area where I failed. Maybe I didn’t get my shower in, or maybe I didn’t get all the schooling done that I wanted to do with the kids or projects that I had such awesome expectations for. Maybe we had spills on the floor (because we usually have at least one a day), or maybe the laundry just didn’t get folded or the dishes are still in the sink. Maybe I just didn’t have two seconds to even think about dinner and I am scrambling on Pinterest to try to act like I am this amazing chef! LOL
But you know what? .. It’s ok. Nobody notices that I failed except for me. We put way too much pressure on ourselves to make it look like we have accomplished everything just perfectly each and everyday, but you know what?…. thank God that God made children to be so forgiving just like him because they love us even if we mess up. We can go to bed that night knowing that tomorrow is a new day. A new day to start over , a new day for change.
Don’t you think that superheros fail? Of course they do! Just because we see all the good that they do, doesn’t mean that they don’t have flaws. Let’s be real here. No one is perfect and if we were how would we learn to change? I love actually that I can look back at my day and see how I can make it better the next day.
Just because I am trying to live up to this “Wonder woman” name it’s just not going to happen people! I am just like you just with a lot more kids!! It is all what you are used to and for me this is my life. I am a wife, yes. I am a mom, yes. God has blessed me, yes. And just like you, I am trying my hardest to make everyday count.

Your Time Will Come

Do you ever wonder what will come your way? Do you ever wonder if what you are doing in life is good enough? Do you wonder if in 10 years from now you will look back at all you have accomplished or could have accomplished in that time? Do you just still at your age think to yourself….”what do I want to be when I grow up”?
Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out what your journey will actually be. Where you are headed or why you have had struggles that have no answer. Every part of your life has a story which is insane to think about.
Some people go through life wondering “when will things happen for me or my family”? “When will we ever get a break from everything that we have been through”? “When will I get a better job”? “When will I get married or have a baby”? ” When will it be my turn to succeed”?
You know what… you’re time will come! It may not be the way you planned or the way that you will expect it, but it will.
You have to understand that God has your life all planned out for you and He has even before you were even born. Crazy right? He has your life diary right in the palm of His hands!! He has it all set, so don’t resist it because things just won’t work even though you think they will. Trust His timing and NOT yours.
So for my family He had this plan that we would be parents to a million kids (just kidding only 13) LOL!!!
I know for me there have been times when I look around and wonder “why”? Why can’t I do things with my family that I want to do, why can’t I be successful and not have to ever worry about finances, why does it seem that we try too hard sometimes to get no where?
Social media can play a huge part on these feelings. Lots will post things that they have done with their family or how successful they are. But if you look at the whole picture we should be happy for them and not envious. Proverbs 14:30 says…. “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”
We are all here for a purpose and a reason and you know what… we may not know that reason right off the bat, but eventually we will figure it all out.
Yeah I would love to be able to afford more then what we have, but you know at the end of the day I look in my house and realize that God has given me more than I am deserved. Being happy is more then just doing things. It’s about being grateful for what you have at the time. Thanking Him for each and every blessing that has come your way, and I mean good or bad.
He has given us ears to listen and He has given us a mouth to speak to others encouraging and lifting each other up in times that may not only be troubling, but not being envious of others but rather excited. You see…. having a big family has it’s pros and cons just like anything (but I will save that for another blog post) but, one thing I can say for sure…. there’s lots of talk about what everyone else is doing or what they have, but… it doesn’t matter at the end of the day because we are grateful.
God will bless those who give and bring others to Him.
So as I write this blog post I think man I have so much to share with you all! I am excited for you to come along our journey. We have just begun to get started.

Hang on tight…It’s a bumpy ride

Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day. Wouldn’t you agree? And then somedays, it’s just not going by fast enough. The time stands still when your in the middle of all the tasks that you have to complete in a day. When you have little ones they are constantly at your feet whether it’s for something that they already asked you for about 50 times already and you repeatedly have said no to them, or maybe it’s that they need a drink because they are dying of thirst. Oh…. and what about the 100 snacks they need in a day because they are starving to death. Really? They have no idea what starving really is! What about those bathroom moments when they are banging at the door?
Meanwhile you have taken on a huge role of not only a Mom but a nurse (maybe I should someone who panics when the kids get hurt), personal chef (because everyone thinks it’s a restaurant and they get to choose) , housekeeper, taxi driver, referee (how many battles do you break up in a day)? , teacher, CEO of the Household, personal shopper (because everyone has a list), guidance counselor (because everyone needs one), this list could go on and on! When did we sign up for this multi level position? Man if we got paid to have the title of parent….!
But this has got to be the BIGGEST job that anyone could have for sure. Almost as if it’s a volunteer position right? But what we don’t realize is that God actually hired us for the most rewarding job out there. He gave us these children to raise and teach them right from wrong. He wants us to be the BEST example to them as possible until they are able to make their own decisions. We never go for an actual interview but we will have to answer to Him just like our boss. Don’t you remember when you prayed to have a child….. well that was your interview so congratulations you got the job!
The challenges of everyday life and trying to just keep the house in line most days can be a daunting task. Most days I know for me I have to take a “mommy time out” because if I don’t get a second to breathe throughout the day I may just explode. I wouldn’t be honest if I told you that just because I have a big family that I don’t get frazzled because I do. Sometimes I am waiting for my husband to walk through the door and hand over my shift.
Lots of people think that I am supermom and I will just simply say ” I am just a mom”. I don’t want to take on the role of “super Mom” just yet. HAHA. That’s like saying that I am a supervisor of my so called position. So when I tell you I am just a Mom. I mean it. I am just like anyone trying to do the best that I can. I have days where my kids look at me with such faces that I haven’t been “such a good girl” today.
Our children learn what they live. It’s not all about the “things” that you can buy or how much you can do or how many times you make it to Disney. It’s about the love, nurturing, time well spent with them and just a listening ear for when they need you the most. Or even there to put a bandaid on their not bleeding booboo! (how many bandaids do you go through in a year)?
These times will go by fast when they are little and you still have somewhat control. It’s when they become young adults is when it can be challenging. You watch them grow and have tried your best to protect them from things of the world. You talk with them and reassure them to make good decisions but you can only pray for the best. That’s when you turn to your boss again (God) and ask him for a bonus, an incentive to get you through these years ahead. You pray and hope for the best.
No one ever told anyone to be your child’s best friend. That’s something you can save for later.
Life is made up of a bunch of “things” that are not necessary. You can’t buy love like that. So focus on today and don’t worry about tomorrow. It will all be good and remember to strap on your seatbelt because it is going to be one bumpy ride.

10 Reasons why we homeschool

1.) we can teach the kids what we want and don’t want them to be learning about.
2.) they get to explore their own interests without a lot of “extra” work.
3.) when they finish a task they are able to move along and not wait for others.
4.) to be able to learn “life” lessons such as home tasks, finances, and how to work independently.
5.) to make learning fun and not a burden.
6.) to learn to get along with siblings and be able to set good examples to them. (Good social skills without keeping up with the world)
7.) to learn to be a role model to others by learning character traits
8.) to advance in areas that they never thought possible.
9.) to learn how to work with a team (because we have a pretty big tribe)!
10.) to put God in control of all things and put Him first in all we do. 🙂