Hang in there Mama we got this together

So to say this week has busy crazy chaotic is really such an understatement. We have had a crazy almost 3 months trying to sell our house as most of you already know. Well things just didn’t work out the way that was planned (well not in my plan anyway). I wanted to sell our house and move on into our hopefully forever home. But when I look back at just that short time, which seemed like eternity with all the showings and trying to keep our house clean, it was just a small glimpse of what God was trying to show us ..once again.
You see all of the anticipation of the whole idea of selling and then trying to find something that was going to be suitable for our big growing family was a little overwhelming for sure. So deciding to take a step back was just what was in order for us. Our kids were getting used to the fact of keeping the house clean that now with the house off the market, they think every time that we clean the house we have a showing.
We have seen so many changes over the course of this time period in our lives. We have become stressed out from not having any offers (except on the very last day), we were almost angry and not having time with one another (which wasn’t good), our children became defiant and acting out in ways that I didn’t even think was possible. I felt like their ears weren’t even working and that they just felt pushed to the side a little bit. 🙁 We are a very close family and not being able to even eat dinner together at our kitchen table was not good for us. It was insane!!! I knew one thing…. I wanted our family back! So the decision was clear to just wait and take our house off the market.
So we started our homeschool a little early this year just for the fact that we needed structure and routine back into our lives once again. It is going to take some time for us to get back into routine but I am actually looking forward to the Fall when things seems to quiet down and we can learn to enjoy our family the way that we all deserve to.
I believe God spoke to me and said “listen to me”. Life is too short for us to try to figure out on our own. If we just listen and just take a step back and let God be in control, then things would fall into place the way that they should.
Yes I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and opportunities fall in place when they should. I recently have taken on a position with a Network Marketing company selling wine and I think it is hysterical because I don’t even really drink wine. God is pretty comical, but I feel if this is an opportunity that He is putting in front of me, who am I to close a door?
When we become stressed and not really who we are, it makes life difficult doesn’t it? I felt so many times that I didn’t even know who I was anymore.
I know so many of us Mom’s feel this way at times when it feels like our world is falling apart right in front of us. We have no control and let’s face it….most of us like to have that control with lots of things in life. It’s scary when you are on this never ending spiral and you are feeling as if you are drowning in an ocean. We cry out for help and no one is in sight.
Listen up Mama’s.. we are here for each other. No one said you have to be a superwoman, no one said that you have to feel alone, no one said that life would be easy, but I do know one thing. God has given us others so that we can help each other. There is Hope that things will change.
It is our job to pull our family back in and keep it very close knit. Don’t let the yarn unwind. Keep it tight and nothing else will matter.