The days are long, but the years are so short

Lately in our house things have been a little crazy chaotic to say the least.
So we have put our house on the market in hopes to sell and nothing has happened except a whole bunch of showings and not even one single offer.
We had the anticipation that things would go quickly and we would be moving into our new home hopefully by the fall when we would start our homeschool back up again.
I guess we are NOT in charge of timing now are we? So as you can imagine being stressed and frustrated with trying to keep the house clean and people coming for showings but nothing comes of it when you are trying to raise a family (a very large family in fact).
It is such a stressful time in someones life to try to get through. Not just for my husband and I but for our children too.
We need to get back into our routine and get our life back to a so called “normal” family life.
As the days pass by me I have thought about something a lot lately….. Our children deserve to just be happy and just be kids. With everything that has been going on in our crazy world, they at least deserve to be happy at home.
We all can get frustrated and annoyed with things that come into our everyday life and that’s what makes me realize that our children need us at our best. We can’t wait until it is bedtime most nights because we just need some unwind time for ourselves, we love to just get in our cars with no one because that’s how we can chat on the phone with no distractions for a few minutes. This list can go on and on, but when you really think about snuggling these cute little bundles of love think about this statement that I am about to say to you.
“The days are long, but the years are short”.
Wow! We do have long days, but when you compare it to years, it just sounds absolutely so small . Just like when you wake up in the morning to your children yelling at you to wake up, and you don’t want to start your day just quite yet, just know that someday you’ll miss that. With just a blink of an eye you will wonder where the time has gone.
We can all get wrapped up in our everyday buys lives, but seriously pay attention because one minute they are little and then the next they are grown and ready to have babies of their own!! It’s crazy how quickly time can go.